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You Are

About You: Welcome

That's Why You're Here!

By anyone's standards,

you've achieved impressive levels of success in your life.

And here you are, looking around you and thinking,

"What's right for me, now?"

You know there's more for you to contribute,

but maybe your choices have been based on making other people happy,

and now it's time for YOU 

to feel a much higher level of personal fulfillment.

You are committed

to being a positive influence in the world...

to making a meaningful contribution with the gifts you've been given...

to living with intention and purpose.

As a soulfully ambitious person, 

you take your life seriously. 

But you also sense that to be meaningful,

your life doesn't have to be filled with endless struggles.

You know that the choice

to live a purposeful life --

one that you love and that positively impacts other people --

is all about embracing what makes you unique

and using your gifts to make a powerful difference in the world.


...It's not always easy to see, on your own,

what's next for you on your soulfully ambitious path.

If you're ready to find the clarity you need

to make inspired choices for what's next in your life...

I'm here for you...

About You: About

Let's Explore Creating Your Private Retreat

If something is telling you that the

Wild Oak Wisdom Retreat 

is what you're looking for...

Please fill out this form.

Tell me who referred you, 

a little about what's going on in your life

and how you think this private retreat would be pivotal for you.

Thanks for submitting!

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