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Masterful Coaching
blended with
Down-to-Earth Spirituality

About Coach Jen: Welcome

An early settler
of the professional coaching industry, 
I've been blessed to be a coach 
for more than 20 years.

I'm trained, certified and credentialed

within the guidelines of the

International Coaching Federation

(considered the gold standard of the coaching industry.)


I began my coaching career specializing in guiding people

to make strategic career changes.

First, I created a custom coaching program called

"Career Epiphany" 

to guide people through a process

of self-discovery to find their perfect work.

Then, a few years ago,

I wrote and published an 

Amazon Bestseller for Career Advice: 

"Plant Yourself Where You Will Bloom:

How to turn what makes you unique into a meaningful and lucrative career"

I am honored to say that over the last 20 years, 

I have supported thousands of people to find and develop work they love.  


I am one of the senior people in my profession

who trains people to be great coaches.

I started many years ago with teaching

for one of the original coach training programs, CoachU, and I still do.

I've also taught coaching within a major university, 

the University of California at Davis.

And now I'm teaching for one of the most successful

life coach training programs in the world, the Life Purpose Institute.

I've mentored hundreds of new coaches

to become successful within the specialties of

life, corporate and business coaching.


I do all of this because

I love people, I love coaching 

and because

I've witnessed the power it has to

help people completely transform their lives.

And yes, I've also created my own wonderful life

with the support of coaching. 

I really do know what it takes to create both the work and

the life of your dreams.

I promise to guide you to get there, too.

About Coach Jen: About Me

Oh, and...


I'm Soulfully Ambitious, too...

Imagine what

will happen

when we team up...

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About Coach Jen: About

Let's Explore Creating Your Private Retreat

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Wild Oak Wisdom Retreat 

is what you're looking for...

Please fill out this form.

Tell me who referred you, 

a little about what's going on in your life

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