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Are You
at a Significant
Turning Point
in Your Life or Career?

You've been wildly successful, so far, but...

...Maybe something important is ending

and you're asking yourself,

"What am I going to do now?"

...Maybe you have a big decision to make

and don't really like any of your options.

...Or maybe you're completely exhausted

and need to take a breather

so that you can find your soul again.

If you're tired of over-thinking and wish you had 

a loving, wise, and experienced guide

who could help you see your path forward...

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My name is Jennifer Anderson

(but you can call me Coach Jen)

and I'm really happy you're here.

Since the Wild Oak Wisdom Retreat

is by referral only, chances are good

that you've met me somewhere

or a mutual connection has referred you to me. 

Either way, you're curious

enough to be here and explore this far,

so now...

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"Tell me, what is it you plan

to do with your

one wild and precious life?"

(Mary Oliver)

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Is that a difficult question for you to answer,

right now? 

I understand.

The truth is that you really do know what's right for you. But you have to listen carefully to your intuition. And that's not always easy to do when your life is filled to the brim and you are trying to meet too many demands.

Guiding you in these pivotal times is what I feel called to do. That's why I created the 

Wild Oak Wisdom Retreat.

The retreat is private. Just the two of us for three days...exploring the deeper questions you have about your path forward and listening for the inevitable answers that come from within you.

Does the retreat sound promising to you? Good! Keep scrolling...

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Grandmother Tree
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The Canyon

The Canyon

The Grandmother Tree

The Grandmother Tree

The Tiny Home in Spring

The Tiny Home in Spring

The Tiny Home's Front Porch

The Tiny Home's Front Porch

Wildflowers on the Hillside

Wildflowers on the Hillside

A Dusting of Snow

A Dusting of Snow

The Columbia River at Sunset

The Columbia River at Sunset

The Columbia Hills at Sunset

The Columbia Hills at Sunset

Town of Lyle, WA on the Columbia River

Town of Lyle, WA on the Columbia River

Clouds at Sunset

Clouds at Sunset

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Let's Explore Creating Your Private Retreat

If something is telling you that the

Wild Oak Wisdom Retreat 

is what you're looking for...

Please fill out this form.

Tell me who referred you, 

a little about what's going on in your life

and how you think this private retreat would be pivotal for you.

Thanks for submitting!

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